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I'm Martin an Affiliate Marketer, providing guides, tips and useful tools to those interested in earning a passive income.

If you too are looking for a change in your career, maybe working as an employee just isn't enough for you anymore, then let's look at how to become an entrepreneur.

"Would you like to buy a Chocolate Orange?"

- It's a long story but basically, I was upselling before I knew what an upsell was.

Throughout our life, we spend our time promoting and selling other people products and services, usually because we believe in them and become passionate about them.

What's your Passion?



I'm a son, a brother, a husband, a friend and most importantly for me I am a Dad.

I believe in teaching the youth how to be better and that starts with working on ourselves.

Believing that we can be better and achieve more than we've been taught is the first step to becoming an entrepreneur.

Most recently for me, the next step was reading a book that made me re-think what I understood about money.

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